Italian Shoes

You are unique, so are your shoes.

Made with the finest genuine Italian leather.

Built for Comfort.

Made in Italy.

Designer Leather Bags

You are so unique, so is your bag.

Limited edition ladies bags.

Made in Italy.

Diva Parfum

Eau de Parfums.

Made in France.

Bio-Certified Organic Bodycare

Contains essential fatty acids


No artificial colours.

No parabens.

No synthetic fragrances,No B.H.A.

Not tested on Animals.

Made in France.

Gourmet Food


Made from the finest ingredients.


Limited Edition Jewellery

You are unique, so is your jewellery.

Limited edition jewellery and accessories.

Made in Italy.

Furniture and Lighting

Customized Furniture.
Soft Furnishings & Flooring.

Window Treatments.

Lighting & Mirror Television.

Bathroom Accessories.



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